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What kinds of electric vehicle controllers are there?

Time:2020-10-26 Views:0

There are two types of electric vehicle controllers in terms of structure. We call them separate and integral types.

1. Separation: The so-called separation refers to the separation of the main body of the controller and the display part. The latter is installed on the handlebar, and the main body of the controller is hidden in the car body box or electric box, not exposed outside. This method shortens the connection distance between the controller, the power supply and the motor, and the appearance of the car body is simple.

2. One-piece: The control part and the display part are integrated, and they are packed in an exquisite special plastic box. The box is installed in the middle of the handlebar, and the panel of the box has a small number of small holes with a diameter of 4-5mm, and a transparent waterproof membrane is applied. The corresponding position in the hole is equipped with light-emitting diodes to indicate vehicle speed, power supply and remaining battery power.