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Control system composition of electric vehicle motor

Time:2020-10-23 Views:0

The control system of an electric vehicle motor is generally composed of a motor, a power converter, a sensor and an electric vehicle controller.

The electric vehicle motor control system should select a more appropriate microprocessor system according to the complexity of its control algorithm. The simpler one is to choose the single-chip controller, and the more complicated one can use the DSP controller. The latest dedicated motor drive chip can meet the motor control requirements of some auxiliary systems. For electric vehicle motor controllers, DSP processors are generally more complicated.

The control circuit mainly includes the following parts: control chip and its drive system, AD sampling system, power module and its drive system, hardware protection system, position detection system, bus support capacitor, etc.

The power main circuit adopts the three-phase inverter full bridge as shown in Figure 4-32, and the main power switching device is IG-BT. In the state of high-current and high-frequency switching, the stray inductance from the electrolytic capacitor to the power switch module has a greater impact on the energy consumption of the power circuit and the peak voltage on the module. Therefore, the laminated busbar substrate is used to eliminate the stray inductance of the circuit. It may be small to suit the characteristics of low voltage and high current operation of the control system.